Called to Greatness

Postponing things is deadly.


  • The Un Expected

    When people say, lower your expectations. I kinda agree with them, for many times we expect things that never happen. Which makes us very dis appointed. However, I have also come to realise that when you expect good things, your heart is always glad and eventually they happen. So I am learning to always have a good expectation instead of bad.

    A week ago, I was invited for a meeting with a few friends who I happen to have a savings and investment scheme with. It was a beautiful Friday evening, we talked through how we are doing in regards to the scheme, where we see our selves, moving forward and what the future is like. Well, we had fun getting together after a few months of not meeting physically. It was extremely beautiful.

    After all was said and done, they took me into a corner as if I was a criminal of some sort, of course they are my friends and I trust them. So I was just wondering what’s going on, to my surprise, they had organised for me a simple beautiful baby shower, knowing I am due for delivery in one month’s time To be honest, in my heart it’s something I was anticipating but dint know how or when it would be. And more so not this time of the meeting, because it is even me who set the date and venue where we met, so it is the least thing I expected.

    I was amazed and grateful for my friends, since they knew that I would easily find out in case they planned it on their own, and that I could miss it in case a day collided with my other programs, they made sure I am the one organising. They disguised it in form of a meeting which worked in their favour and they were rest assured I was going to be around.

    I learnt that day, that expecting good is a Godly thing and it is very healthy. Sometimes the expectations may not come to pass, but keep expecting good. After all it costs nothing. Instead of worrying and ending up with so many issues and diseases like high blood pressures and all, have a good expectation and keep your heart filled with gladness and joy always.

    One of the lead pastors at a church I go too, Pastor Bee3 (Worship Harvest Ministries), taught a month ago about having a great expectation, it also happened to be my birth month, July.

    I started the month with such great expectation and indeed the birth month was good. When it ended, I decided to adapt this good thing. Trust me it’s working, I am not about to stop expecting good for even the Bible tells us to mediate on only the good. Whatever is true noble, praise worthy, we think on such things. So why don’t you adapt to it as well. You will be thankful you did so.


  • Why are you downcast oh my soul?

    Have you had a time when you feel like you want to give up? Like everything seems not to be working out? The world seems to be falling on you? When challenges are overwhelming you? Well, you are not alone, David faced the same, it was too much for him that he wrote about it in Psalm:42:5.

    David speaks to his soul, asking it why it was down cast. “Why are you down cast oh my soul, why are you dis quietened within..?”There are days when things get tight, nothing goes as planned. Even what was working out collapses. This is exactly what I have been going through in this season.

    So, I was entrusted to go and plant a church, I can’t say it has been an easy journey but I embraced it still. Things seemed not to be working well especially that we needed a good venue alongside having people join in before we launch officially. Thankfully enough because I have spiritual parents who mind about the kingdom business, they did all they could to ensure we got a good place that would give God glory but also where people would come and have sweet fellowship. Everything seemed to be going right until last Sunday when the owners started complaining about the noise and told me not to allow kids to come to church because they are a mess. My love for kids,…. this was quite disturbing. I knew the enemy had risen and I was ready to give him a blow.

    I have been praying about this thing, till when a call came through today around mid day when the owners called off. They don’t want us in their space anymore. I sat down and told my heart to rejoice. Remembering Paul, rejoicing in the Lord always.

    It just dawned on me this evening that we are actually back to square one, and the scripture that came to my mind was the one David spoke about in Psalm:42:5.

    Much as all this is happening, I am sure that there is a lifting. I am encouraging myself in the Lord knowing that all things work together for good for those who love Him and I know that this too is going to come to pass. I am more than a conqueror. The God who has entrusted me with this work and began a good work in me is surely going to bring it to completion. I can’t wait for what’s next. For surely, God is up to something. THERE IS A LIFTING. I AM PRAISING GOD FOR ALL HE IS DOING.

    When we take on this attitude during trouble, it really angers the enemy. He does not like it at all. He wants to see us sad and worried. But I refuse to be that, I am rejoicing. For i know that the Lord has plans for me to prosper me not to harm me. And he is sure up to something.

    Choose this attitude as well when challenges arise, you will be amazed at what God can do.

  • Family is crucial

    I am blessed to still have both my parents (mum and dad), almost in their 60s. Indeed with long healthy abundant life, God is satisfying them. I am also blessed to have a number of siblings, God has been so good to us. The more I grow, the more I realise how crucial family is. Once in a while we get together as siblings, to have fun, celebrate and support each other then encourage one another in which ever way possible.

    On such days when we plan to meet up, I make sure my schedule is free from any other programs. I am always looking forward to the fun, amidst many other things but above all I enjoy the fact that we get to eat, play, pray and love on each other.

    It has been quite some time since we met up, till last Sunday when we did. Usually we meet to celebrate birthdays and any other parties like weddings etc but this time round we met for a very unique and special cause.

    Our older brother Michael has been going through recovery from drug addiction for the past two years. Our big sister took him in and she has really done a great job (bless you Desire). We are truly blessed to have her. It is evident that Michael (older brother) is making very good progress and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for him moving forward. We believe that the old is passing away and behold the new is coming up for him, (transformation is coming).

    We are grateful to God for keeping him alive despite all the things he succumbed too in the past. For many on drug addiction do not survive but he did. And yet he is going to change many lives for the glory of God. We can’t wait to see what God has in stock for him.

    I always admire families that are doing well relationship wise. Instead of having arguments and hating on each other, choose peace with family. The enemy hates unity in families, it’s not about you, it’s about what God intends for your family. So choose unity and be intentional at being real with your family relationship. It’s worth it.

    For the word of God says that God places the solitary in families. It’s not a mistake that you are part of that family. God knew that it is the perfect family for you so he placed you in it. So, when you realise there are things not going right, instead of fueling more division it is better you get on to your knees and pray about the issues as you ask for wisdom on how to deal with the issues.

    You will be amazed at how things change, i can’t say the change will come in one day, but be rest assured that it will come. Today, choose to prioritise and focus on your family other than promoting hate. Hate is not godly, it is of the devil. Love is godly and love is God. Choose love.

  • Celebrating Special Days.

    I grew up not celebrating my birthday. Until my high school when I told a friend about my birthday only for her to come with a precious gift at that time. It was a really beautiful water bottle. This girl introduced me to birthday celebrations. I felt really special and got to understand that birthdays are special days.

    I picked up on this habit or let me say the culture of birthday celebrations. Since then, I always look forward to my birthday, not necessarily to get gifts but to take off time to reflect on what God has done for me in the past year, whether I am making progress, where to improve, and all those things.

    My birthday happens every 15th of July. Somehow, much as I don’t plan for birthday parties, God has always put people in my life during this time to celebrate my birthday. Through calls, texts, prophecies, declarations, money and gifts. Two weeks ago I made 31 years and I honestly can’t take this lightly. I am truly thankful to God.

    Unlike the past years, my reflection for this year was quite different or unique I guess. Not sure if it’s because of the age (hahahahaha), but I kept thinking of how many people I have known over the years that have passed on yet God has still kept me alive. Particularly, the thoughts were mostly about the people in my age bracket who i knew very well that have gone to be with the Lord over the years. I remember quite a number of children in my primary school who I can count, and now they are no more.

    They died, some had been living with strange diseases from birth so at a certain age, they could not survive. One had been born with AIDs, she passed on after Primary level around senior three at about fifteen years. The other had asthma, he also died around senior four at sixteen years of age. The other was murdered by thugs on a fateful morning while she was heading to work, among many others. Thinking of all these people doesn’t make me scared, but then I keep asking myself, who am I to still be alive? I know and believe for sure that God has spared me because I still have a purpose to accomplish on this earth. I am now more challenged to serve God more than before after that reflection. I am grateful to God for the people who keep celebrating me and I can’t take that lightly.

    This year I recommitted my life to Jesus and I am sold out to serve Him all the days of my life like never before. Is the journey a simple one, no!!! Yet like Jesus said, “in this world you will have much trouble, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world”. I am bracing myself to serve God embracing whatever it is. Till he takes me. That is at 100 years plus mind you. For with long life He is gonna satisfy me.

    Question to you my reader; Have you discovered your purpose in life? Are you serving your purpose in your generation? What if you died today? Would you be celebrated or it will be a relief for many? Have you thought about eternal life? Are you serving your eternal purpose? As you get to answer all these, i hope you can make some decisions today that will be worthwhile.


    Happy New Month. Enjoy it.

  • Trusting God as the ultimate source

    In June I promised we shall be sharing the things God has been teaching me in this season of waiting. What better way to start off than with trusting God. I have truly learnt to trust God, not that I did not before but this season has been unique where you either trust God or trust God, no other short cut. Quite interesting, this has also been in the books I have been reading. Storme Omartian in her book, the Power of a Praying woman talks about praying for self.

    It just dawned on me recently that I have always been good at praying for others, my husband, my children, the ministry, family, friends etc but then harder when it comes to praying for me. I believe I am not alone.

    On 15th of this very month, which happens to be my birth date, early in the morning at 4am, I woke up and started focusing on my self in prayer. I believe a birthday is a crucial day in a person’s life. So I intentionally took off time to focus on me even in prayer. I started feeling guilty knowing I had quite a number of things to pray for. People I lead who I know are suffering and going through tough times.

    Then God affirmed me, what I was doing was the right thing. That’s when I continued to pray for me. I took off literally an hour praying for me through scriptures, Isaiah:45 particularly. It’s the word God gave me, as I entered this 31st year of my life. God has opened up gates for me. Excited to enter these gates, He has given me treasures that have been hidden in secret places. Oh, how I was excited I still am even as I type this.

    I know there are promises in the word of God He has given you, have you taken off time to pray through them and receive them in prayer? Probably, you are not even sure He was the one speaking. You may not know how God speaks. Well, one of the ways God speaks is through His word. In your Bible reading time, that chapter you are reading, the verse that sticks most, take time off and meditate on it. God is speaking, you ought to listen.

    Meditation is one of the things I have learnt in my season of trusting God. The word of God says that the book of the law should never depart from us, we ought to meditate on it day and night… (Joshua:1:8). As you learn to trust God like I have, one of the things that God is going to pull you into is meditating on His word. There is no way you can trust God when you don’t know His word. Speak life through the word of God, the promises in His word.

    Start it today, you gonna enjoy it. It’s the best life you will ever have. I am enjoying it and I feel like there is still a lot in store for me as I hang in this season. This too shall pass but I am grateful to God for the season and the things I am learning.

    Embrace the season you are in, God does not make mistakes, even in our bad choices He still shows up and helps us so that we just don’t go through seasons but rather that we learn from them.


    #trustingthelordevenwhenitdoesnot makesense.

  • Seasons of Waiting

    I quit a job a month ago. It has really been an interesting season. I know you may be asking yourself who quits a job in this season? Well, I did. The details are found in one of my blogs here, “made for more”. One thing I have learnt in this season is that it is not good to settle for less. When I realised this, I had to leave that job. I had honestly settled for less.

    For anyone who has been used to waking up every morning to go to work, it is totally different when you wake up and realise the plan has totally changed.

    Thank God for good growth spaces where I am encouraged to read alot especially in my areas of serving and interest. This has helped me alot. I have not at all felt idle or bored. I have a schedule to follow and I have been focusing on building my mindset. Reading some good books and listening to good messages plus watching videos that can add on my knowledge. And it’s been helpful.

    I really can not wait for what the next season has got for me. There is too much wisdom to share with you my people. You gotta be excited and eager to learn. I will be sharing one by one in the coming blogs. I will be keeping you posted. I just can’t wait to delve into this wisdom with you. Remember, sharing is caring. See you soon.

    Please leave a comment and let me know what you would want me to share in the coming blogs.

  • Building Relationships

    There is a church I used to attend a few years back. I was a little younger then, but somehow God connected me to godly women who loved on me and always sought me out to ensure that I grow in the Lord, plus other areas like finances among others. I left that church two years ago, I had not been in touch with most of these ladies till last month when they invited me for an evening get together.

    I had all the reasons not to be part of that evening, but I chose to be there. It was a Sunday evening and usually I am engaged on Sundays. I had to clear all my programs so that I show up. It was such a beautiful evening filled with laughter, wisdom, knowledge, counsel among other things not forgetting food and drinks. I mean what’s a get together minus eating and drinking. Even Jesus made such miracles.

    These are relationships that I have had to cultivate for sometime, even when we had lost touch,no one had doubts that we are still together as one. I have learnt a lot from these women, in that I am very confident that my marriage has not struggled because I got wise counsel from most of them and still do. They will advise you right and follow up on you to ensure you are doing the right thing. They will ask you what you are doing to earn money, how much you are saving, they have introduced me to investment opportunities and I am truly grateful.

    Because of their efforts to pour into me, i have chosen to do the same to many young girls and women. While I learn and practice these things, I also help others learn and practice them because they are Goldy values and very helpful.

    Out of this mentorship, I have been able to start up a women’s group. Most of them are in my age bracket and in a space of just one year, we have managed to start up an investment scheme that is fully registered and looking forward to great and mighty things that God is preparing for us through this scheme.

    I hope that you have learnt something from this story. How have you impacted others from the things you learn? Are you intending to do this? It should not stop with you.

    In case you are a lady and looking for someone to learn from, walk the journey of life with. I am available. Send me a message. I will be glad to respond and walk with you.


  • Living a life of significance

    Towards the end of last year, around 27th December just after Christmas. I received a call from my pastor telling me how I will be starting a “hosting centre” at the begining of this year in January. I know someone is wondering what a hosting centre mean. Well, in our church vocabulary, this means you are going to a new place where there is no church and starting to gather people for a church service, literally. I paused on the phone because I honestly was not ready and did not have the passion for it.

    I love being in the middle, where there is someone above me that takes on the lead and i just help out as much as I can, things had changed this time. I was the one on top much as I was and still are answerable to my pastor who sent me.

    January came and the panic intensified, I had to look for a venue but also look for the people to attend service. Then pay for the venue and many more other things. “The hustle was real” like it is the saying these days.

    I chose to trust God and told my husband about it. I am glad he has been supportive all through. Financially and in all other areas whenever i need help. It’s been five months now, I can’t say it has been an easy journey. Some days have been harder than the others especially Saturday evenings when you know Sunday is coming the next day. I am glad to say we are growing not only in numbers but also growth in terms of mindset change.

    The place is a typical village and most people live on at least one meal a day. Poverty had settled in their hearts properly, but not anymore. We have heard to teach them about wealth, how to make money, how to save and grow it among other things. The results are now evident.

    Last week on Sunday when I went there, one of the ladies approached me and said God had given her an idea of roasting maize and she had started right away. Before that, she was one of the people who said she had nothing to do. This among many stories are what we keep hearing on a weekly and now there is even a savings scheme where those who thought can not have any money now have savings. It can only be God. A little one shall indeed become a thousand. This to me is living a significant life, I would have given up or even rejected starting. But God has kept me going amidst all the challenges.

    What is that thing you have thought of for long and feel like you can not do or it is not for you. How about you give it a try today and start right away. I can not say it is going to be easy but trust me living beyond you is the best thing you can ever do. Choose to step out of comfort today. Choose significance.

    Praying for those with needs.

    Attending the financial classes.

  • Blessed to Be a Blessing

    I grew up with my mum, we were six children and she took care of all of us single handedly. While growing up, I used to ask my mum questions about what happened to our dad. I am the last born, out of the six. My mum says dad just woke up one day and left. (Story for another day). Mum did all she could to take us through school, thank God who enabled her to do so. Indeed our children are taught of the Lord, it’s after I have grown up that I totally understand this scripture.

    I got to relate with my dad at a later age, once in a while he would come home but there was nothing much really. He would come, be around for like an hour and then leave.

    At my graduation, mum called him to be around, he came but because we really dint have a relationship I really did not talk to him that much. I think I became kinda bitter at a certain point wondering why a father would leave his children.

    Much as I got saved while younger, I never got to understand the principle of Honouring parents. Especially honouring an abscentee father. I would send my mum money and just don’t mind if he received anything or not. It was none of my business.

    Three years ago I joined a good church and they started a teaching series for over three months that opened my eyes to honouring my father. I decided to go see him. I was amazed at how much he spoke to me. It was evident he truly had been missing me. He prayed over me, and released me to go do what God intended me to do. I am grateful to God for having obeyed the instruction. Now every month I put aside some money for honour not just for my mum but for my dad too. I do it intentionally because I have understood the truth.

    Many times we are stuck because we have missed out on what we need to do. I am released now into supernatural blessings. The enemy intended to destroy my life by making me be distant from my father and hate him. The word of God though has released me from that bondage. I listened to the truth in the word and obeyed it. Praise the Lord.

    You could be there and you are like me, struggling with Unforgiven was and battling with a decision that is intented to release you into the supernatural blessings. How about you take a step of faith and obedience. Do it today, do not postpone it. God is waiting for you to respond to what he desires of you. You are blessed to be a blessing. Do not allow the enemy to whisper otherwise.

  • Made for More

    Last year around August I was called for some job, truth is it wasn’t the best of jobs but the person had called me several times and this time round out of pity I eventually gave in.

    So, I started working, right from day one I was very dis content, the working conditions were not favourable and in the second week I realised that the salaries were paid late. I had joined in August and July salary came in on 17th August. It was really a shock to me. I sat and kept wondering what was happening. I consoled my self thinking it could have happened for only that month. But guess what, we waited for August salary till around 20th September.

    It’s been a pull being in such an un healthy environment, the employers are rude, very disrespectful, Communication is horrible and all. I kept wondering how I got my self into that mess. It even got worse towards the end of last year when some office equipment got lost and I was told to pay for them fully whether I know their where a bouts or not. It was a heart breaking thing, I hang in there hoping maybe one time something would change.

    Nothing has changed, so last week after two months of not receiving payment and no communication from the top bosses, I chose to report to work on Monday and politely submitted in my resignation. I have never felt freed like I am. The entanglement has been really horrible. I just can’t wait for what God has prepared for me in this new season. I refuse to settle for less and this experience will enable me to help other people become better.

    I am made for more. I confess it, I will see it, I refuse to settle for less. There are many people settling for less thinking there is no life after such hard experiences. God has designed us for bigger and better things. People treat you the way you allow to be treated. I know for sure that those bosses keep doing what they do because the employees have tolerated that kind of crap. I am confident that my decision will help others build confidence and refuse such kind of harsh treatment. I am “made for more”.

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